This high capacity water storage heater which has the additional benefit of a 750 watt electric heating element. The heater can provide a quick and efficient supply of hot water for showering and washing in touring and motor caravans.


Large 13 litre capacity - for longer washing and showering facilities
Efficient gas burner - for faster warm up
750W element on Malaga E - use on its own or with the gas burner for even faster hot water
Small flue terminal - neat appearance outside the caravan
Safe - combustion products are completely sealed from the caravan interior
Easy to fit and service - all controls accessible at the rear of the unit
Electronic control - turns on the heater at the flick of a switch and supervises burner operation
Automatic resettable overheat cut out
Compact dimension - more room to route pipework and ducting where necessary
Henry Water Heater replacement when flue adapter plate used



Tank Capacity: 13 litres

Malaga 5E Water Heater