2 bikes, not extendable                    
The black version is perfect for vans with a sporty and off-road look                
No drilling required - the bike rack is clamped and glued onto the vehicle                
Easy to take off when not in use                    
Distance between rails of 20 cm for a more easy load of the bikes                
Fast and easy fixation: the wheel holders are adjustable and equipped with pump buckles        
Lockable bike holders with a key to secure and lock your bikes on the carrier                
The support frame is adjustable in height                
The door can be opened without removing the bikes

Thule Elite Van Xt Vw Crafter>2017

  • Compatibility    Vans                
    Mounting location    Rear door                
    Load capacity for bikes    2                
    Max bike weight    19 kg                
    Max weight capacity    35 kg                
    For e-bikes     -                 
    Sliding rail in depth     -                 
    Sliding rail left-right     -                 
    Lockable platform    Manual                
    Lockable bike-to-rack     -                 
    Total width    130 cm                
    Height    125 cm                
    Depth    53 cm                
    Weight    9.5 kg