• Up to 20% lighter than its predecessor, and no compromise has been made in terms of safety and quality                                  
  • Suitable for almost any type of vehicle on the market, especially vans. This product line offers a wide range of sizes, from 2.60 to 4.50 meter                              
  • Designed for more aerodynamic and equipped with an anti-rattling device            
  • Space has been created for Thule Led lighting, so the vehicle can have light on the outside even when the awning is closed                                  
  • By setting the angle as you please, the awning can be opened and closed even when the sliding door of your van is open                                    
  • Choosing a roof-mounted awning for a caravan is the perfect solution to keep the rail free for other usage, e.g. a tent                                    
  • Available in different lengths, box and fabric colours 

Thule Omnistor 6300 - Anthracite